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Scientific Database CoBi (Collaborative Biobank)

DATAMEDRIX GmbH developed the biobank software for the globally acting DKMS non-profit GmbH (formerly German bone marrow donor database), which now forms the heart of the collaborative biobank. The shared knowledge platform provides resources for medical research projects in the field of blood cancer worldwide.

Logo Projekt
Logo Projekt

Basis for future research projects

In order to improve the selection of donors for stem cell transplants and to optimize patient treatment, DKMS has set up the Collaborative Biobank with other cooperation partners. Transplant centers, collection centers and donor files are involved in the biobank as equal partners. The aim of the biobank is to create a reliable basis for future research projects that are intended to help improving the healing of cancer diseases. For this purpose, samples and the associated medical data from both patients and stem cell donors are collected and made accessible. The software developed for this purpose by DATAMEDRIX enables the registration of the patients and donors participating in the biobank and the documentation of medical data.

With the new solution from DATAMEDRIX, we are perfectly prepared for future challenges, can guarantee the best possible data protection and are able to carry out research at the highest level of science.

Henning Baldauf
Team leader Biometrics and Data Management
DKMS gemeinnützige GmbH

Vienna Challenge Chamber

Allergy Research Portal

For the Vienna Challenge Chamber, a worldwide acting allergy research institute, DATAMEDRIX developed a data portal that connects all existing legacy systems. This means that study data from different data sources can be connected and clearly displayed and are accessible any time.

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Logo Projekt

One Stop Shop

The clever portal solution

The Vienna Challenge Chamber has been conducting allergy studies for almost 30 years, both in academic and industrial settings. In clinical studies, study participants with allergies such as hay fever are exposed to controlled concentrations of allergens such as grass pollen or house dust mites for several hours in a special allergy chamber. Not only climate data, but also clinical symptoms and the measured parameters are collected and electronically documented at regular intervals. In addition, laboratory data are imported via an HL7 interface.

All of this data is put together in the portal, which works as a one-stop shop.

Thanks to the competent and active support of DATAMEDRIX, we have succeeded in putting our study infrastructure on a solid base that meets all legal requirements. This also enables us to achieve an enormous increase in efficiency, in detail in the specific selection of participants for new studies, but also to have success parameters for ongoing studies available early and in a clear form.

Dr. Petra Zieglmayer
CSO, Vienna Challenge Chamber

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